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Hey all!

My site is just under or maybe over a month old and blogging is definitely a new arena. As a person who has no previous computer skills other than placing orders on-line, running and building a site can be one of the most complex and mind-numbingly frustrating things to ever have to come across.

I swear when I search on WordPress’s help pages for any issue I may come upon it’s like my comprehension skills diminish to zero and I’m staring at an alien language. How many of us are currently facing this?

So much of blogging is trial and error. Much like my life tbh, but being the perfectionist that I am, I can spend hours re-editting old posts because I don’t like how they look, the grammar, syntax structure, whatever. I can always find something to edit.

Also, I NEED A DSLR! My photo quality right now is not always the best, and I’d like all my photos to be cohesive. Definitely buying less makeup and saving towards a camera.

Having similar experiences, then leave a thought below. AnaLoves ❤