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Hello All,

Hope this blog post finds you all well and enjoying your weekend.

You might be wondering what I’m on about with the title, as TK Maxx is known for selling clothing and accessories and this is after all a beauty blog. Well, did you know that they also have an ever expanding cosmetic and hair care section? Oh yes they do! Over the past year I’ve seen my local TK Maxx’s cosmetic section grow from one little shelving area to a whole section right by the tills (I’m onto you TK Maxx!)

They sell brands for less! So, that means alot of the products are discounted. Which, could cause a spending spree that was most unexpected! Some well known brands I’ve spotted are: Ciate, Bare Minerals, PUR Minerals, Illamasqua, Yes To, Estee Lauder, Physicians Formula, Super Facialist, Dr. Perricone, Eyelure and so many more.

Remember also, that different TK Maxx stores sell different products and brands. For example the store on Tottenham Court Road sells Alexander Mcqueen handbags but the stores in South London do not.


One major sticking point, well two but they lead into each other, are the fact that there are no testers for makeup items and also alot of the products seem to have been opened. Yuck! Worst thing when buying makeup is seeing someone’s fingerprints all over the product. But, seeing as they do rotate stock frequently and once a product is gone, it is gone, the whole tester thing would not make any sense.


Have you spotted any goodies in TK Maxx?