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Happy Sunday my lovelies,

wpid-screenshot_2015-03-14-09-35-44-1.pngI’m sure you were wondering what distant shores I’d swam off to. Fear not, I was being rushed off my feet by life. Started a new beauty course, too many Mac releases in the month of March and keeping up with familial duties.

Now onto the main reason for this post. The lovely Samantha from Glam with Sam nominated me a few weeks ago for the Creative Blogger Award. I have never been nominated for anything before and was actually really shocked and grateful to her. Check out Samantha’s blog here.

The fun part – 5 Facts about AnaGlossed

1) I broke my left leg at the age of 5. Pushed off a veranda. I milked that leg brace as much as I could.

2) I’m actually really sensitive and caring, hence why my armour is strong to avoid being taken advantage of.

3) At one point in my life I could read music and play the keyboard. But as I have not been keeping up with it, I can’t anymore.

4) I am really into zodiacs and star signs. As soon as I meet someone I’m googling our compatibility lol. My star signs are (chinese): Dragon (the usual): born on the cusp of Cancer/Leo.

5) Summer baby who was born around the time of a hurricane. Apparently, my dark sense of humour was also born with as I found it hilarious to see trees falling onto buildings.

I nominate these fellow bloggers for the Creative Blogger Award:

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Go check them out!

Once I discover more blogs I will update this post until it reaches 20. Plus I love discovering new blogs and supporting them. Until next time, enjoy your weekend.