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Hola Bellezas!

Here is a light-hearted haul post. With one exception, I won’t go through all the products one by one, as it would be a very long post. However, I am offering you all the opportunity to request reviews on specific items or collections. By the way please let me know if anyone has discovered how to turn makeup into clothes, as I’m walking around looking like a homeless tramp with a flawless face. In the meantime, take a look at all the goodies below x.

List of all Products:

Sleek Matte Me – Petal

Sleek Matte Me – Birthday Suit

Illamasqua lipgloss – Tantrum (already reviewed previously AnaLoves)

Max Factor Lipgloss – Luscious Amethyst

Max Factor Lipstick – Sunbronze

Max Factor Blush – Gorgeous Berries

Makeup Store Microshadow – Winterland

Mac x Cinderella Collection – Coupe D’Chic Iridescent Powder

Mac x Cinderella Collection –  Reflects Pearl Glitter

Mac x Cinderella Collection – Royal Ball Lipstick

Mac x Cinderella Collection – Happily Ever After Lipglass

Mac x Julia Petit Collection – Boca Lipstick

Mac x Julia Petit Collection – Linda Blush

Mac x Bao Bao Wan Collection – Summer Opal Beauty Powder

Mac x Toledo Collection  – Bellgreens Eyeshadow Palette

Mac x Toledo Collection – Oxblood Lipstick

Mac x Toledo Collection – Azalea Blossom Blush

Onto the GOOD stuff!


Are you guys excited as yet? Because *drum roll*  there is a part 2! Yes, could I possibly have bought anything else? ‘Bwahaha’ *rubs palms together* ‘Oh yes she could!’

My wallet is not happy incase you guys wondered. But, alas there are products to be discovered and the Month is not yet over, so watch this space!